I Hope You Are All Happy Now

I Hope You Are All Happy Now

ISBN: 0-312-34091-5
220 pages, 8×9″
An Evil Twin Publications book published by St. Martins Press

photographs by Nick Zinner with introduction by Jim Jarmusch
Essays by David Cross and Zachary Lipez
Interview with Nick by Jesse Pearson
Design by Stacy Wakefield

“I Hope You Are All Happy Now” eloquently captures the fragmentary nature of travel by piecing it back together one photo at a time. A mosaic of the unkempt, the unmade, and the unhinged.

. . . by snapping a shot of every crowd the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have played for, every hotel room they’ve left in disarray, and every moment of consequence they’ve had together, Zinner brings us behind the music for real.

Strange proof of my last four years, it looks so easy, almost desirable through his eye. It’s up to the individual to discern what’s real, what’s legit, what to trust, what to go with . . . If Nick can see things as he does in this terribly immediate and beautiful book of photographs why can’t I, or you?

From some people, you might assume there was sarcasm in this title, but I think Nick genuinely does hope you are all happy now. That is the feeling I get from his photos, that he really loves the people he takes pictures of.

Nick Zinner has a rock ‘n’ roll eye for the details of life on the road, exposing YYY’s rise from the gutters of NYC’s East Village to the pages of Rolling Stone. But these are more than casual tour snapshots. His eye is sharp. Music loud ‘n’ wild ‘n’ free comes to life on the pages of this book. These pix are a personal view to where he’s at — the faces, the places, the gore, and the glory — all the highway songs along the way. By the pictures’ own admission, the fans in the crowd take center stage, and by now we are all among them, in the front row, looking up into his lens.

Today, everyone with a cell phone is an art photographer, and every successful rock ‘n’ roll musician is something else too. Actor. Painter. Fashion designer. Disc jockey. Porn star. Diplomat. Hot-sauce vendor. It’s enough to make you cynical. Nick doesn’t make me cynical. His ability to convey both a documentarian’s crucial detachment and the genuinely soulful contemplation of a mystified kid (often within the same subject) sets him apart.

Being a rock star used to be about sex, drugs, and an early death. Now it’s about empty hotel rooms, cuts and bruises, and the fans. I think it’s a lot better now.

One of the most innovative and original rock ‘n’ roll guitarists and composers of the new millennium. Now he wants a piece of my turf . . . He has an eye both lean and mean. He takes photos like he plays guitar — fast and unorthodox. He seizes unlikely moments from the free flow of events he lives through.

I Hope You Are All Happy Now5  I Hope You Are All Happy Now3

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