X-Men: Planet X (Star Trek: The Next Generation) 0

X-Men: Planet X (Sta

  On the planet Xhaldia, ordinary men and women are mutating into bizarre creatures with extraordinary powers. But is this a momentous...
agosto 07, 2013 in Miscelaneos
Paul Is Undead 0

Paul Is Undead

If you are a Beatles and or a zombie fan, this book is one for you! Alan Goldsher, reporter and Beatles maniac creates a mock version of the...
agosto 07, 2013 in Miscelaneos
How to Speak Wookiee 0

How to Speak Wookiee

Everyone’s been there you re playing holo chess with a Wookiee, and things get out of hand. You’ve done something to offend him, but...
agosto 07, 2013 in Miscelaneos
I Hope You Are All Happy Now 0

I Hope You Are All H

ISBN: 0-312-34091-5 220 pages, 8×9″ An Evil Twin Publications book published by St. Martins Press photographs by Nick Zinner with...
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The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor 0

The Walking Dead: Ri

‘Rise of The Governor’ is the story of the Blake brothers, Philip and Brian who are making their way to Atlanta with Philip’s...
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Al Jaffee's Mad Life: A Biography 0

Al Jaffee’s Ma

“One of the great cartoonists of our time.” –New Yorker cartoonist Arnold Roth The remarkable story of one of America’s most prolific and...
agosto 05, 2013 in Miscelaneos

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